Harrisburg Smiles

Harrisburg Smiles is a seven year old collaborative created originally by members of the Harrisburg Area Dental Society whose goal was to:

  • Identify shortcomings in the delivery of oral health care to underserved populations in the Harrisburg area
  • Work with other stakeholders in the area that shared an interest in improving access to oral health care in this community
  • Develop a system to better match identified needs and known resources
  • Recruit volunteers from the dental community to provide pro bono care to members of the underserved population

Our mission statement is :

To act as a conduit of urgent dental care for underserved populations and help match those dental needs with the available resources in our dental community”
Currently Harrisburg Smiles is a coalition of the Harrisburg Area Dental Society, Holy Spirit Health Share, Pinnacle Health working closely with many others including Harrisburg School District, HACC Dental Hygiene Program, Capital Blue Cross, United Concordia, Hamilton Health , Christ Lutheran Church . Future plans include development of increasing access through the Hershey Medical Center.

Harrisburg Smiles is proud of the selfless volunteer efforts of over 70 dentists from the Harrisburg Area Dental Society who provide pro bono services either in their private offices or through the free dental clinics at Christ Lutheran Church or Bethesda Mission, both located in Harrisburg PA. To date, over $200,000 of free dental care has been provided through the generosity of our participating dentists.

Funding for these programs comes from the generosity of the Harrisburg Area Dental Society and other grantors coordinated by the Foundation for Enhancing Communities. We encourage you to consider offering your time and talent to Harrisburg Smiles. The poor will always be with us. Existing governmental programs have proven insufficient to fully meet the needs of this population. Harrisburg Smiles is an entirely private enterprise that is truly the “safety net beneath the safety net” that can be turned to when existing programs cannot meet the need.

For more information, please contact
John Kiessling jkiessl511@aol.com
Andy Gould tooth.doc@verizon.net
Harry Meyers hdjmeyers@comcast.net

Thank you to to Harrisburg Smiles Dentists. Because of your generosity, we have 400 patient visit commitments for 2017. Please join us and make a commitment of your choosing today!

  • Dr. Sulekha Agrawal
  • Dr. Kimberly Alfano
  • Dr. Brice Arndt
  • Dr. I.G. Bhat
  • Dr. David Body
  • Dr. Gilbert Carney
  • Conestoga Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Dr. Jason Devey
  • Dr. David Ditty
  • Dr. Katherine Dively
  • Dr. Charles Foer
  • Dr. Ernest Fontaine
  • Dr. Becky Fox
  • Dr. Joseph Gensbigler
  • Dr. Thomas Gensbigler
  • Dr. Tad Glossner
  • Dr. Andrew Gould
  • Dr. Joshua Greenberg
  • Dr. Sara Haines
  • Dr. C. Richard Harrison
  • Dr. Michael Hartman
  • Dr. Dan Hengst
  • Dr. Brian Keane
  • Dr. John Kiessling
  • Dr. Barry Klein
  • Dr. Gary Klein
  • Dr. Ross Kline
  • Dr. Robert Kolts
  • Dr. Craig Lahar
  • Dr. David Larson
  • Dr. Carol Layton
  • Dr. Sarah Lynch
  • Dr. Aziz Majid
  • Dr. Saleh Malik
  • Dr. John Mayes
  • Dr. David McNeal
  • Dr. Michael Mendelson
  • Dr. Harry Meyers
  • Dr. William Moffet
  • Dr. Brian Mosetti
  • Dr. Katelyn Murray
  • Dr. Devendra Parikh
  • Dr. Yogesh Parikh
  • Dr. Larry Pepper
  • Dr. Dennis Red
  • Dr. Terry Reese
  • Dr. Ryan Rother
  • Dr. David Russell
  • Dr. Eric Solberg
  • Dr. Samuel Selcher
  • Dr. David Lee Settino
  • Dr. Bennett Sharf
  • Dr. Eric Shirley
  • Dr. Warren Silvers III
  • Dr. Bruce Spivak
  • Dr. William Spruill
  • Dr. Michael Vener
  • Dr. Michael Verber
  • Dr. Stephen Verber
  • Dr. Richard Walters
  • Dr. William Warren
  • Dr. Casey Williams
  • Dr. Steven Wylie
  • Dr. Rick Yazinski
  • Dr. Peter Yelk